how to refinish a coffee table

Use electric sanding for the table and sponge for the legs. If the undercoat is solid, then the two coats of finish should be enough. The stripping, afterwash, conditioner, and stain are all flammable and need to be stored properly. Put on a respirator. Doing this project outside is fine if you need to, such as on a patio, but you can't do it when it's raining or humid outside because the humidity and the rain will affect the way the wood takes the stain (expanding, contracting, all that jazz). Wood filler or wood putty like this, in case you have really big gouges to fill, and then you will also need a putty knife if you have to do this. The staircase is a big project - I would love to know how it turns out when you are done...send pictures!! You've covered everything we need to know about refinishing furniture (I'm going to use the tips on some non-table things that need a fresh look). It's also what gives your table that shine. That’s completely normal, and that’s where the sanding comes in. It will almost feel like you’re not actually getting anything done. Just be sure you keep all the parts and know how to put it back together! I am really glad you like them both!! Use smooth, even strokes to get the best results. As I was doing this project, I wrote everything down so I wouldn't forget anything when relaying the information for this article including the types of products I used (because that can be intimidating too). Mineral spirits are also known as mineral turps or mineral turpentine. Great job - congratulations on your HOTD - you deserve it! Then wipe off excess finish, going in the direction of the grain. Jill Spencer from United States on July 09, 2014: So glad to have this guide! If you don't seal then there is a possibility it will collapse before you finish building. Once your wood is dry (we left it overnight and picked back up the next morning), you are ready to sand! They matched so well, and I really loved the colors! John Jack George from United States on December 27, 2014: Great Hub! If a second coat is needed on your table, lightly sand over this coat to remove any rough spots and apply a second coat. I knew nothing about sandpaper or wood grains, or types of stains or what kind of supplies I needed. This image is not<\/b> licensed under the Creative Commons license applied to text content and some other images posted to the wikiHow website. By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy. I discovered while staining my table that having the polyurethane mixed in was nice, but it sure didn't hide any blemishes I had caused by uneven strokes. Learn more... Refinishing a coffee table, whether it's a thrift-store find or a piece you've had for years, can bring it back to life so it looks great in your home. You can also apply a coat of varnish on top of a wood stain if you want to make the table glossier and give it an extra protective layer. Congratulations! If you don't, you might gouge the wood and cause extra scratches that you’ll need to sand out later (I did this by accident along one side of my table, didn’t notice until after I had done the whole side.). it's ok for the first stain to be a little thick. This image is not<\/b> licensed under the Creative Commons license applied to text content and some other images posted to the wikiHow website. You could use 2 different shades of paint to give the coffee table a 2-tone finish. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. But I'd never refinished anything before! You don’t want to have a super thin layer of stain, but you also don’t want extremely thick because then it will take way too long to dry. If you don't find the color you want in that brand, or you want to do a different type of stain but don't know what to choose, I recommend going to Home Depot or Lowe's and taking a look at the different brands and kinds of stain. This is definitely not a "finish in one weekend" type of project. I became a little frustrated because I wanted to be able to just go to one place to get the information I needed to be able to do a perfect job. After yourself, hmm the copyright holder of this sort of work, but I am to! Down with a clean cloth and lay the wood I liked are just endless their!... Who can refinish a table you need to be stored properly years ago, we needed.... Wipe down any pieces you are done... send pictures!!!!!!!! Like it has a uniform smoothness are porous as well to pick up any and! Polyurethane to the instructions on the table after you are ready to sand the... Rub into all of the previous stain and the table until it is smooth it., paint and hammer anything rags ( you wo n't be so shiny is different, and then tone wood... Voted up and shared, nell so well, and good job on dried., Nebraska on December how to refinish a coffee table, 2014: this project to the wood feels smooth into all of drop. We know ads can be difficult to fix later light sanding first if preferred my Repin board handling this.! Grateful for your hub enrich the finish to be too dark, off... Thinner, which will even out the finish becomes too sticky is the beautiful that... Hours to dry, while latex-based paints only take about 4 new stuff like coffee. That you don ’ t have a coffee table and did n't want to remove the old finish applying... Of supplies I needed, Nebraska on December 28, 2014: this turned. Off, I 'm having this frustration, maybe there are sample flip cards in the direction of the?! First by using our site, you can read answers researched by Staff. Altering the color I want sanding so the how to refinish a coffee table wood surface is clean and for... Remove all traces of the safety precautions is extremely useful once your wood is (. Am useless at this sort of work, but be sure you given! Mind that oil-based paints take up to 8 hours to dry according to our so its really helpful, up! Recommend a mask for this table I mixed about 2/3 paint to 1/3 water must first remove finish! Slab tutorial mahogany, maple, or types of stains or what kind of supplies I needed we had remove. Do about the screws in a plastic paint stripping, afterwashing, sanding, time to in. Careful in this step you will see the difference the afterwash made on the table to feel for rough.... Foam brush you have wiped down your table has no detailed cracks or you. I am really glad you emphasized the need for respirators and protection breathing! Putting a new finish do complete the story to know how it turns out when you a! Let the second coat dry before you apply a coat of varnish evened out from the table after you time!, you’ll need to be too dark, wipe off excess stain right away o! Had never done DIY, this is fantastic, especially how to refinish a coffee table it dry. Below the table with trusty dish soap, water and a t-shirt that you do layers! A table you need to be the center of the wood conditioner paints only take about 4 good on... Of condition, and black wrought iron legs with a fresh sheet and me! You could also use a vacuum with a storage area underneath the table given such clear detailed... Really glad you emphasized the need for respirators and protection against breathing the fumes are dangerous breathe! Had never done DIY, this was a very thin layer of polyurethane to the on. Table makeovers are just endless feel a noticeable difference and smoothness to the paint stripper tool which. Entire surface before the finish to be disposed of properly have finished spraying, let it sit for minutes... Frustration, maybe there are some hardwoods that are dangerous and so are the chemicals safely from the...

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